Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rambo Rabbeet, i wish i knew you

House Rabbit Network says "Rabbits are susceptible to many human diseases and are masters at hiding illness. Their primary caretaker needs to be deeply attuned to their normal behavior and to pick up on subtle changes in behavior that signal illness. Seemingly minor symptoms can escalate into life-threatening emergencies in less than 24 hours."

the man and woman admit that they never came close to understanding Rabbeet in the one and a half years that he was with them. in all that time, he never got used to human contact beyond an occasional pat on the head. successfully trancing him was extremely rare and always deeply emotional.

it's not clear if this crankiness is because of the man and woman's inexperience or because he was abandoned or lost and spent an unknown amount of time fending for himself in the open before being found. my guess is both.

the man and woman rejoiced when Rabbeet took to Leafty when he arrived. but it was shortlived. six months later, Rabbeet decided to hate him and wouldn't let him near without throwing a fit with teeth and claws out. after that, he led a life of solitude and only half tolerated any further attempts at bonding by the woman, Leafty, us or new kittens. so Leafty moved on and bonded with Fruity and me and Rabbeet became the animal family outcast.

inexplicably, Rabbeet maintained his shining eyes, healthy coat of fur, robust appetite and bowel movements through it all, while Leafty is the one who has been plagued by chronic weepy eye, erratic eating habits and droppings that vary wildly in shapes, sizes and consistency. so if Rabbeet was sick, no one had a clue.

maybe he tried to reach out but no one listened. maybe, Rabbeet just decided that he has had it with the lot of us.


fcgrocks said...

i feel so sad for rabbeet... (not my a/c')

margaret said...

Poor Rabbeet.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Yup, I guess he'd had enough. Over the Rainbow Bridge, he'll find happiness. You gave him a good home for the time you had together. The stress of caring for illness might have made him more miserable than this quick end.
And I'm still not going to let Victor groom me. Do you have any idea what he nibbles on?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

rambo lived a hard life, but you provided shelter. food and love.

i'm sure you did your best, rambo wont blame you.

take care, woman


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