Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my oh my

there are no pregnant cats in our area so where did this guy come from? the woman went hunting for the incessant meowing downstairs and found this little thing tucked in someone's shoe rack. the family says they have never seen the kitten before so this is a mystery.

yet another for the adoption boards.

in the mean time, that means camping in the utility room until the kitten stops waking the neighbours with its cacophony. he was spitting and hissing at the man and woman at first, then he cried when they went away. contrary little thing. but after a night in a warm spot under the sleeping bag next to the woman, he was finally quite ready to entertain himself and took over the sleeping bag with gusto when the woman left for work.

(update: Socks has been adopted!)


KXBC said...

He's cute. A tuxedo cat.

KXBC said...

That's how I found Yuan Yuan too. All the cats in that neighbourhood were neutered so the only conclusion was she was dumped. Why would people dump them??? So heartless. I hope they get dumped by their children when they are old. *evil*

The Crew said...

Oh, the poor baby. So young, the eyes are still blue.


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