Friday, October 21, 2005

polar cats

by now, the man and woman are quite certain they want to add more cats to the animal family. they search the cat welfare website and debate between full grown cats (woman's choice) or kittens (man's choice).

as usual, woman wins and she goes off to visit Baby Blue, Rosie and Snow White at their fosterer's. She is thoroughly impressed when she gets there. Not only by the gorgeous 2 yr old cats with their beautiful pure white coats but the fosterer who cares for 13 cats and a dog at home as well as the strays in her neighbourhood. talk about an animal family! and what is truly extraordinary? her apartment is spotless from daily relentless cleaning! we could use some of that gusto over here. maneki would agree.

the fosterer helps take the 3 cats back to our place. fruity freaks out immediately and goes into hiding (these are big cats). i think it is futile to fight the inevitable. much prefer to watch and see how i play this situation.

snow white reacts appallingly to the new environment, she burrows into a cabinet and hides behind some files. so it doesn't work out for snow white.

baby blue and rosie take to the woman and roam easily around the apartment sniffing and rubbing their chins everywhere. it looks like there might really be permanent additions to the family very soon. it has been far too optimistic of fruity to think that this is going to be a 2 cat family. i know the crazy cat lady. all i ask is that these cats be entertaining.

unfortunately, rosie is a regular pokemon, everyone is highly strung with the change and she is going around trying to make friends. when we all hiss and growl in return, including baby blue, she slinks away with a wounded bleat and tries again. baby blue, well, he looks promising. i decide to focus my energies on him and watch him closely.

the fosterer leaves with snow white, leaving baby blue and rosie here on trial. shortly after to my disappointment, baby blue disappears under the bed and stays put there. rosie continues to try and make friends. the woman thinks she is a shoe-in so i start to pin all my hopes on baby blue. get your ass out of there and show us what you got.

and he does. after an hour under the bed, the polar bear of a cat comes out and starts picking a fight. with us, with the woman, with the fridge. he hisses at everything, including air. he would hiss and we would all stare at what he is hissing at and there would be nothing there. i like spunk. this is looney. the only thing he doesn't hiss at is Leafty, he even licks him on the head. what is it about that white rabbit?

but one thing is for certain, baby blue is not liking this place one bit.

the woman decides to give him time but shortly after, he is bashing rosie, fruity and me on sight. the woman packs him back in the carrier and sends him home before anyone got hurt.

so here i am stuck with hello kitty and pokemon. and they are both lookers. i am screwed.

but it is much like me to make the best of a situation so i let rosie lick me which she loves to do. who doesn't need a little love now and then? fruity still runs when rosie comes too close. don't blame her, the feeling is much like a 4-tonner bearing down on a volkswagon. and you are the volkswagon.

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