Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rome's new by-law aims at protecting cats, dogs and other species living in the Italian capital

"The civilization of a city can also be measured by this."
Rome dogs win right to daily walk

Rome's city council has recently come out in favor of the cat's existance in Rome by citing their ancient heritage: "There is a deep-rooted affection for these cats who have an ancient bond with the city." The city council even went so far as to protect the cats, in 2001 naming cats living in the Coliseum, the Forum and Torre Argentina a part of the city's "bio-heritage."
Rome Cats - Sanctuary amongst the Ruins of Rome
Gatti di Roma
Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary
Friends of Roman Cats - Success Stories

inspired by the article on rome cats, the woman goes in search of the heritage of Singapore's cats:

Kucinta - The Love Cat of Singapore a beautiful myth
The Singapura Singapura still recognised in some (misinformed) quarters
Why Singapore Cats Have Knotted Tails legend of local bobtails
Bobtailed and Tailless Cats geneology of asian bobtails

the search is quickly exhausted. would be nice if we get the same respect as our roman counterparts. how about someone talk to NParks on a cat sanctuary in singapore??

other interesting finds:

Action Cat free postcards & more
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