Saturday, June 02, 2007

more new kittens

so soon after little kitty was gone, a fosterer called up desperate to find a sitter for these 3 kittens for 2 weeks as she has to go out of town. with the string of bad luck we have had, i am afraid for these little things... and they are not in good shape, sneezing and eyes glued shut. gosh, talk about losing the nerve.

(update: tortie has been adopted! sadly, calico's eye did not heal well although that affects her curious, outgoing, loving spirit none!)


caricature said...

such cute kittens. i'm worried about them. hopefully everything will be alright :)

Anonymous said...

i am having a 2 week break, just nice to take care of a kitten. can only handle one, I've got a kitten of my own, demands alot of attention.


animalfamily said...

nice to report that the kittens have gained strength and are busy exploring their new surroundings!

would be good for them to stay together and bond. thanks for the offer, esther!

CatDonna & Cats said...

They will prolly live. From their size you can tell they've survived the "tiny fragile sneeze on me and i will die" phase, so that's a good thing.

No worries, you's gonna be fine. :)


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