Tuesday, June 19, 2007

could we have done better?

the kittens have fully recovered. one eye on calico however, did not heal well and is partially obscured by the third eye lid. she hops and plays, confident in her cuteness, without noticing. would a potential adopter? so sorry little darling... :(


KXBC said...

Sometimes shit happens despite our best intentions and effort. But there is hope still for the little girl right? How about a second opinion? It may help.

But I still think she's cute. If I am in the market for new additions, I will take all 3 of them.

Victor Tabbycat said...

You did your bestest. Sumone will find her lovable anyway. My boy's furiend has a one-eyed cat an you get used to it.

MightyMouse said...

I asked myself the same question when Mikey passed on. His life could have been terminated earlier. His time with us was short but we gave him our best. There'll be someone who loves little calico for who she is.

Anonymous said...

Hi,calico is so cute!I wish i couldadopt all three of them but sedly i have 4 naughty kittens at home!2 of them were found in a drain and was bought home by my sis and is now for adoption:( I hope they'll find a loving home!


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