Friday, June 08, 2007

that's why the woman cannot be a doc or vet

because calico's eyes are so bad, the vet had to cut away some of the tissue that is growing over the eyes. the woman almost passed out. she is furiously applying the terramycin as much because she doesn't want to sit through one of those sessions again. the next vet check is due, for calico's sake and the woman's, i hope the eyes are on the road to snip-free recovery.

Bak Bak! this is one no-hygiene cat. he is so curious about the kittens in the utility room he is staking out the door in Leafty's pan and comes out reeking of rabbit piss. stupid cat!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Silly Bak Bak! Looks like Leafty doesn't mind, tho. Those poor kittens! Didn't their reglar foster know their eyes were infected? Kudos to Aminal Fambly Mom fur doin medicine efurry 2 hours. That's rough!

animalfamily said...

the condition wasn't noticeable when the kittens first came here. just looked like the common flu. only started to show obvious signs a couple of days after.


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