Friday, June 08, 2007

aren't they cute? please adopt!

Candy (white chest) has been adopted!

Chocolate (darker-brown) has been adopted!

Cocoa (husky-brown) has been adopted!

these tabby siblings are with a friend and ready for adoption. look at those eyes, calico will be so jealous... they are 4 weeks old, still on KRM feed by syringe but can be weaned soon.

interested adopters, drop us an email.


Victor Tabbycat said...

CUTE! Fink I could sneak one to Whiskconsin? An not haf Bonnie or Dad find out? Is Cocoa a gurl? Cuz I fink there's sum calico patches on her head. Purrs!

Anonymous said...

i believe they are all female :)

Anonymous said...

esther :

fully weaned.
hmm, self cardboard box trained.
candy and ccooa have some calico patches

cocoa: gentle and more on her own
candy: the adventurer
chocolate: inbetween both.

KXBC said...

3 letters: SBC. Sibei cute.

Anonymous said...

cocoa has been adopted by jerry from changi.. oh well


animalfamily said...

goodbye cocoa, all the best to you and your new family :)

Anonymous said...

all the kitts have been adopted, thanks v.


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