Monday, May 14, 2007

clandestine caped crusaders

it was great to see the community rally quickly around an animal like it did for doggy yesterday. i just hope the same burst of community concern can happen for a cat wandering in the road too. still waiting for that story to be told.

i really don't think it's because there are less cat lovers out there. for some inexplicable reason, they are just the more clandestine, often preferring the cover of night for their caped crusades.

since the animal family first took root in this neighbourhood, we have noticed more and more cats in a widening perimeter turning up sterilised that didn't all enjoy the hospitality of our utility room. and these lucky community kitties sometimes get more than their fair share of meals in a day, left out by no less than 3 different feeders at different times.

there's no doubt a flame burning for our community cats here although it's really a mystery how these caped crusaders tend to always miss each other on their nightly rounds. nobody seems to know each other. other than the rain or shine feeders, there's a bigger underground network yet to unmask.

it's our hope that we can somehow rally these people into a single coherent voice for our community but if our cat loving neighbours are anything to go by, these unsung heroes do love their cloak of invisibility.

papa: senior citizen by day, crusader by night


calsifer said...

Great to know someone else who's trying to form the JLA equivalent!

We are trying to estabilish a working and functional local chapter too. But the going is really tough. Even when contact has been established, it's difficult to get things going - asking for basic info itself is like trying to excise a tooth, sans anaesthesia. And all we want to know is who is feeding where, how many, or what the person is doing if not feeding, whether they've contacted the TC/MP or even who's their TC/MP, so we know the shape of the coalition and what's our collective strength/weakness. Sigh.

Well, good luck and do share your formula/tips/insights for success.

animalfamily said...

have so many things rolling around in my head on this subject, will def share when i have things straightened out in the fuzzy wool up there. maybe we can exchange ideas on this further too.

calsifer said...



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