Tuesday, May 29, 2007

more doing, less ranting

i had a look back on this blog. dear departed Maneki and i have been ranting our faces blue about the state of cat welfare in our estates and i wonder if it is time to stop rehashing the issues and get the cerebral juices in this family running on solutions beyond the mainstays of foster/adoption and Trap-Neuter-Return and Manage (TNRM).

in a fit of productiveness, i have devised a grand social plan -- for world domination muah ha ha -- and em, like all grand plans, not much of a way of achieving it. but it's a start at least by putting some thoughts down on paper. unfortunately, it's mostly based on what i know or guess (yikes), so any fellow fervid felines out there who can shed light are greatly welcomed to add to or dispute what i have here.

it's by no means finished so check back for more in the coming weeks, hopefully with fresh inputs from you knowing folks out there too.

main thing i see is that we throw the idea of a sustainable social enterprise up in the air because that is likely where social activism is heading. maybe someone has a better idea. or maybe some smart brave soul out there might just make it work.

(email animalfamily for a draft)

"you done saving the world, Toots?"

yes, you can take that tongue out of your cheek now, Blackie.


2Vamp said...

Kitty love :)

PS, on a surfing update so I promise I'll come back and read the draft in a bit, Toots!

calsifer said...

Looks good! You got genuinely active cells man! Go you!


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