Wednesday, August 03, 2005

new pussies in town

and they are cuter.

man finds a white black orange kitten at the void deck and takes it upstairs. it's so small it sits on the palm of a human hand. no one can resist something that small.

not to upset me, the man and woman sets up a place for it in the utility room, sacrificing their big red cushion for the runt. they are wary of me after seeing the way i spring into action anytime a cat comes close to our front door. i chase it, i wail at it and i claw. so they got their sleeping bag out and start taking turns sleeping in the utility room with the kitty.

the woman even brought it to her yoga class as she isn't sure about leaving me alone with it at home. she's probably right. i hate it.

the kitten makes itself useful at the SPCA Healing Hands project that the woman volunteers at for 2 days. walking around with it and a donation tin is a winning formula. people donate $5, $10, $50 even, when they stop to ooh and ahh over the cute puss all wrapped up and snug on someone's arm. it is a big hit.

a week later, the man finds another kitten with the same white black and orange marks and once again brings it back home.

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