Wednesday, August 03, 2005

the place is too small for the 3 of us

i am talking about the kittens and me. i don't much mind the rabbits as they have the subterranean all to themselves. i get the high ground. jeremy doesn't go anywhere. but those kittens...

they are everywhere. they go on the bed and lick the man's head when he sleeps. they go on the sofa and curl up to the woman as she watches tv. they chase each other around the dining chair legs. they climb precariously on top of the chivas and vodka bottles. they tunnel into the laundry basket. they sniff around my litter pan and sit on my scratching board!

the woman tries her best to keep them away from me and my favourite things but she is getting tired and dreams of a big happy family. well, dream on!

i prefer the outdoors now where i choose a nice cool spot to watch the world go by. she still reserves her bed for me, throwing the kittens back in the utility room come bedtime. change the way i feel about them? i don't know. let me think about it.

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