Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i go for a check-up

woman worries when i start to sleep all the time. she takes me for a check-up and the vet has bad news. my kidneys are failing.

i am peeved. i am old. things are bound to start falling to pieces but leave me some dignity and some mystery. i try my best to keep cheery, the minute i slack off i am probed, felt up, held forcedly down while they take a picture of my insides.

it's not the check-up, i am just grumpy. it comes with age. i don't want her or anyone to know i am not at my best. when did it all creep up on me? the way she looks at me now. she cries at night as she strokes me. i love her and knead her stomach as she strokes me. its all i can do to be a better cat.

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animalfamily said...

pet doctor:
CBC Test
Kidney/Liver Test
Vibravet 50mg tablets (anti-biotics)
Val Syrup (multivitamins)
Feline K/D (prescription diet)


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