Wednesday, August 03, 2005

my twin

i like to go for walks in the middle of the night (a sign the multivits and prescription diet help in forstalling the inevitable) . sometimes to the 2nd floor landing, mostly just along the corridors and occassionally to the back of the block. when they are about to turn in, man and woman will come get me.

on one of their nocturnal 'dates' (yep, they call walking around the neighbourhood looking for their cat 'pak to'. such is married life) they get frantic because i learnt to hide from them so that i can buy myself a little more me time. they split up. the woman takes the lift to the 10th floor and starts there. the man goes behind. he sees me, picks me up and starts walking back.

he thinks to himself, she smells real bad. and what's that between her legs??

the cat looks like me but is NOT me, pal! yes, it has the same grey shade, is about the same size but on a closer look, he has a bulldog jawline and he has balls! from that day onwards, he is christened maneki 2 and they play with it everytime they see it. they want to take it back with them but their finances hold them back.

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