Saturday, August 06, 2005


town council people makes the rounds in the neighbourhood after receiving complaints about stray cats. so happens that jeremy is getting some sun in the corridor and the man is adviced to surrender him to ava to avoid illegal possession.

the woman calls ava to find out what happens to the star tortoises that are surrendered. the officer says that there are a few places that will take the tortoises and have the expertise to care for them. They are the zoo and the tortoise museum at chinese gardens. but he says that these places are almost at the limit of their capacity. it probably also depends on the condition of the tortoises that are surrendered whether they do go to these sanctuaries.

repatriation back to india is often not an option because of the immense logistical issues it poses. its not just the import/export licenses and country to country negotiations the officer talks about. wonder how a tortoise like jeremy will take to the wild again.

the officer cannot say what will happen when the local sanctuaries have to stop taking in the tortoises because of overcrowding. in the mean time, while they concentrate their efforts on stopping the illegal trade and doing more public awareness, it is up to everyone to stop buying them.

as the tortoise does not belong to the woman, she informs her friend to make the call about the fate of jeremy.

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