Thursday, August 25, 2005

lana comes to visit

man's friend brings his new 3-mth old Shih Tzu pup over to visit our animal family. i watch from the dining table as they let the kittens out to play.

i am ashamed to say that tooty and fruity ran from her at sight. even though the pup does nothing but sprawl eagle spread on the floor the whole time. one to lana (lang). oh, but it does get up. it waddles behind the study table and wees there.

tooty gets braver as the night wears on, inching closer and closer to the pup. it crouches behind my litter box and crawls its way right up to lana, ready to pounce. it gets there just when lana raises its big flat head in curiosity. tooty scrams, two to lana.

i get a little tired of this sad scene and make my way to my favourite corner by the front door. everyone and animal stop what they are doing and their stare follow me as i step off the dining table onto the sofa arm and down onto the floor between the humans, kittens and pup. i stretch when i have their fullest attention and leap up on the study table. everyone breathes a sigh of relief. i enjoy that.

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