Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i arrive

i join the family in previously described fanfare on 16 feb 2005 and quickly establish myself as queen. once out of the cage (when it is clear that i have absolutely no interest to hunt bunnies) the woman can't get enough of me. i dine on their oversized dining table leaving suspicious brown stains and plenty of hair everywhere. this grouses their friends out when they are over.

i sleep on the bed with them, usually on the woman's side as it is much closer to the food, which is just a quick hop away from the bed onto the chair and then the dining table (yeah, their place is that small).

my swheat scoop (swear by it!) litter pan is in the middle of the living area. she likes to watch me take a dump. says i look so cute doing it.

life is good for me. but the bunnies, well...

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