Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i have to share

we have had tooty & fruity (who names these animals??) for a little over a month now, since 26 Jun 2005, and i am still adjusting.

recently, the man and woman have started to let them roam out of the utility room into MY space. i tolerate it as the woman reassures me each and everyday that i am still her number one. but don't i see them near my food and water bowls. the woman bangs the table when they get precariously close to warn them that that is MINE. touch at your own risk.

Tooty especially, seems to have a death wish. she darts like a maniac all around the house and comes right up to me every chance she gets. when i hiss at her, she stares back all eeky curious. smarten up, kiddo. that's no way to survive on the streets and you will be back out there if i have a say in it.

Fruity is the slow blur one. she has wandered out there longer before being found and it shows. she is smaller, her fur is all haywire and her reactions are retarded. it took her a while to get the hang of jumping the utility room barrier when Tooty is leaping over any opportunity it gets like a true cat can. Fruity jumps, hangs on and slides back down, a disgrace. its abnormally large abdomen is not helping any. it was worse but the laxatives and bene-bac are doing their trick.

but of course, humans think Fruity is so cute with its big doppey eyes. they say Tooty looks fierce as it is all lean and watchful-eyed. they say i look fierce and i take that as a compliment.

only the woman thinks i am cute. i give her my big doe eyes because she loves me.

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