Wednesday, July 25, 2007

exemplary community cats, exemplary communities

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the ministry of social concerns recognises that well-integrated community cats are a testimony of their community's cohesiveness, cultural tolerance and sense of responsibility.

in recognition of the efforts of the exemplary townships that have overcome great odds to keep their cats tipped, fed and safe, we hereby present them with a much deserved "Our Town Meows" Award.

in third place, represented by Auntie Ah Lan and Auntie Ann's regal 'grandma' tabby, the "Our Town Meows" Award goes to...

Tanglin Halt 10-storey (zhap-lao)!

in second place, represented by this larger-than-life mascot of fuzzy black fur, the "Our Town Meows" Award goes to...

Lorong Ah Soo!

last but not least, and no small credit to this curiously and uncommonly rotund puff tortie, grand prize goes to...

Toa Payoh Lorong 4!

mayor ma receives award from minister with pride, "I am so proud of the people of toa payoh and the other winning towns, who are an example to all for their humanity towards the cats and to each other. on behalf of the cats, especially our lorong 4 puff tortie, i say a big thank you to them."

honorary mention


whenever the woman visits lorong ah soo and sees the cat auntie, she always feels a sense of the unresolved. this arises from many years ago when she was much younger (and obviously stupid). coming home late one day, she saw the cat auntie scolded by a nasty man who told her that her feeding was a nuisance. the girl the woman was felt compelled to step forward to the cat auntie's aid, but her indignation rose as a hopeless jumble in her mind and turned to fear and cowardice before she could take the first step. now as an auntie herself, she is spoiling for just such a fight but the split second opportunity to stand up for what you believe in comes mostly once. miss it, it doesn't likely come knocking again.

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2Vamp said...

What was that about being an Auntie? Hello? Who said anything about old? ;P


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