Thursday, July 05, 2007

sons of singapore

Cadet Leafty protects the nation as we sleep.

Cadet Chaplin finds out standard issue green towel comes in handy during R & R.

Cadet Papa meets barrack barber (yeah, they do have an excellent sense of humour if not proper training!).


KXBC said...

Cadet Leafy is so rounded and chubby and cute. She is growing to look like a cat. Has she meowed yet?

MightyMouse said...

Poor papa, the barber has ruined your mane. You look so un-Maine Coon.

auntie p said...

Leafty the wonderful rabbit! What breed is Leafty, BTW?

And Papa looks cute clean cut now. Did you guys do the barbering yourself? :)

animalfamily said...

yes, we did. haha. my hubby said we didn't just trim his mane, we trimmed his dignity. so yes, papa has been de-mained. he was feeling quite warm and didn't like to cuddle for long before but he is happy now :)

Leafty is a albino dwarf and we are still waiting for him to meow!

2Vamp said...

Is that.... no, it can't be..... Doh! yes it is!

Paparotti got a haircut, I see :D


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