Monday, August 01, 2005

my uncertain fate

i had a good meal in the night and i didn't have to share it. in the morning, they brought me to the vet on duty. i see the woman was back at the reception. the vet was nice. she told her that although i was old (over 8yrs. cats don't keep count but that would explain the stoop and the wonky paw-eye coordination) i was of *gentle* nature with some good years ahead of me with proper care. but there was something in the way she said 'old'. i don't blame her much, normal people would not adopt droopy old balding cat with no teeth when there are the sprightly selections in the next room. just they wait till they get where i am.

i looked up at the woman with my widest eyes of innocence. SPCA gave her back the surrender form and she took me home.

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