Tuesday, August 02, 2005

the language of lagomorphs

Rabbeet is sterilised the next day. after a recuperation time-out, he is taken to visit Leafty. it is love at first sight.

Rabbeet starts to hang out outside Leafty's cage every waking minute and they start to bond. the first couple of times Leafty is let out of the cage however, Rabbeet displays dominance with aggression and mounting. it shocks the man and woman but they come to terms that that is what rabbits do. soon, the hierachy is established and the 2 bunnies are inseparable.

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animalfamily said...

pet doctor: after surgery

1. no food, water or medicine to be given on day of surgery. you may give food and water the next morning as per normal.

2. surgical site to be left alone unless there is a discharge. if so, clean gently with a diluted antiseptic solution (chlorohexidine) and dry. if the animal is licking the wound excessively, an elizabethan collar may need to be worn.

3. no bath to be given during the 10 days after surgey

4. if your pet goes off its food, or if there is any swelling over the surgical site, your pet must be brought back to the clinic for a review.


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