Monday, August 01, 2005

i am what i am

this is me the day i came to the family. the woman's cousin drives us from SPCA to Mount Pleasant for a look-over and then to Holland V Pet Lovers for supplies. they both have to work so they get me a big tiered cage and leave me there in the pet wash line.

the pet shop people are nice and helped keep my water and food bowl filled. i am all cleaned up by the time the woman and her cousin are back. the groomer is concerned that my skin had next to no elasticity, a danger sign of dehydration.

the cousin got us back to my new home. she suggests to name me after the japanese beckoning cat. the woman googles it and that is how i became maneki neko. while the more popular white or red maneki neko beckons fortune, the black maneki neko is said to ward off evil. so that is probably what i do here.

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