Saturday, August 13, 2005

too something or other

Rabbeet and I would sooner be alone than have to oblige the other animals in the house. the man and woman accuses us of being too reclusive, too frigid. Rabbeet is worse (i judge too). he rejects the hands that feed him and that is, even to me, too depressing.

but gregariousness does not save the other animals or the humans from having their own labels. Tooty is too hyper, Fruity is too fat, the woman too zealous, the man too sardonic.

Leafty thinks he is perfect of course. he is cute, doesn't make any noise and plays well with others. but like any girl who finally finds her perfect guy discovers, somebody will find him too something or other.

personally, i find the albino rabbit too politically-correct, the sly bastard.

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