Saturday, May 12, 2007

community lost & found

man and woman saw this dog wandering around the neighbourhood coffee shop at lunch. several people, including the stall owner, were worried that it could be knocked down by a car and had it tied to the rail outside the shop in hopes that the owner will show up. the dog looks well taken care of so could not have been lost for too long. shortly after, she was thankfully reunited with her family so all's well that ends well.

speaking of dogs, the woman visited Cookie recently. she is much calmer now through the care of her new family but some things are the same, she hasn't lost her taste for ice and muffin crumbs :) Rachel, you have strength enough for the ones you love and certainly what it takes to take good care them. chat anytime.


mademoiselle said...

thanks for everything veron:)

Sharon said...

oh... this jack russell was at that coffee shop you all like to go. i've seen him with this old man during the times I was there.


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