Friday, December 30, 2005

a brand new life in a brand new year

both no name kitty and Doggy find new homes just before the year is out. Doggy (now named Cookie) goes home with a friend of Fruity's godfather, an avid dog lover with 2 kids who sadly, have an unreasonable fear of cats. but a trip to the animal family is an education to most dissenters and they change the minds (somewhat) about us.

it's a boon for Cookie to have found this family. the father used to be a taxi driver who regularly feeds the stray dogs at the place he pumps his diesel. to the point when they recognise his car as he pulls in and chases him down the road as he drives away. he holds Cookie like one of his own kids.

this adoption comes after a brief trial with Fruity's godfather's landlady which didn't work out after Cookie bit her maid and the aircon man.

its likely a case of high excitability. she goes crazy whenever she sees the kids, Fruity's godfather or the man and woman. heads straight for them bouncing like the energizer bunny, her tail wagging so vigorously its hard to even hold her still when carried as she plants wet kisses on their hands and faces. cats lick. dogs slobber. eww. they all love it of course. after this initial hurly-burly, Cookie will settle down snug in their arms, push her head into their armpits (favourite spot) and rest.

Cookie is fattening up slowly but surely and will be back at the vet's in a month's time for long overdue sterilisation, microchipping and vaccination.


Mary said...

Hi, may i ask how did mummy get all of you to be friends with Cookie when he was staying at your place?

animalfamily said...

sadly, the cats not too friendly with the dog. most of the cats just ignore the dog completely while Bobby would hiss and swipe Cookie with his claws when she comes too close, which would set off a round of yelping from the dog. not sure in the long term would they warm up...


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