Sunday, December 18, 2005

escapades with dog

gosh, dogs are dumb. for the umpteenth time, poo poo and wee wee IN the paper-lined cage. i just wish it doesn't look so much like sausage of liver. only the stink keeps everyone at a safe contamination-free radius. the man and woman are probably doing something wrong as usual because whatever they are doing is not working.

Fruity and Leafty put the cage to better use.

dogs are REALLY clingy. it follows the woman everywhere. whenever the woman gets off her chair for even a second, it springs up pronto to tag along. its a permanent attachment.

because it won't let her out of its line of sight, she got no choice but to bring it along when she goes out to prevent its piercing yelps from raining all kinds of unwanted attention on the animal family. dogs in general may not have our superior independent streak but this is not normal right? too many sad days on the street i guess.

the search is on for its previous owner. there's no microchip but ASD, SPCA and AVA have been notified and an ad will run for free in the Straits Times classifieds. because it is a relatively young dog and according to some, an expensive dog, chances are, it is lost. so hopefully there is a happy ending there.

if not, many people have already expressed an interest in adopting it. the worry, which Ricky from ASD and some of the woman's friends warn of, is that there might be people out to make a buck from adopting it for reselling or breeding.

the woman considers sterilising it before putting it up for adoption and imposing an adoption fee that will be donated to ASD.

no name kitty likes Doggy!

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