Sunday, December 11, 2005

Suede and Bobby

after a long silence, someone finally calls about Suede again and comes to view her. by now, it seems too cruel to let Suede go away to a one-cat family so the man and woman make it a condition that the potential adopter take Suede and Bobby as a pair.

the lady is acceptable to this so quite out of the blue, i face the crushing possibility of losing 2 worthy cohorts. she leaves to prepare herself for the adoption before collecting the kittens, leaving a bag of muddled emotions back at the animal family.

the reality of it hits the man and woman in different ways. the woman postrationalises like crazy that if the animal family is about taking vulnerable cats off the streets, there will be more, a lot more. so finding and settling the cats in good homes becomes a crucial part of the process.

the man is crushed. he cannot care for the kittens only to watch them leave. so either he holds any new cats that come through the animal family at arm's length, or it is going to be rough on him from here on_ i love man.

they decide to leave it to providence and the man suffers. but the lady doesn't call back the next day and the animal family closes the door to all future applications.


Moglee said...

*sigh* that is why I can never be a fosterer...I will adopt all the meows instead ....our hearts cannot take it. :)

Monkey said...

and they stays!!!!!!!!!!1 yay!!!
careful or the animal family will be 40 member strong soon :S

animalfamily said...

very worried about that...

Anonymous said...

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