Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Monkey you speak too soon.

woman wakes up to find Rosie very excited about something. without her glasses on, she sees Rosie hunting a cockroach. what a big cockroach.

it dawns on her just as Rosie swoops down and has the furry thing in her jaw! she FREAKS OUT, grabs Rosie and screams to high heavens running left and right hysterically until Rosie drops the hamster from her mouth.

MIRACULOUSLY, hamster is not in the slightest bit hurt. once back in its cage (secured ten fold), it starts going about its hamster business as if nothing happened. in her post trauma deduction, the woman gathers that hamster escaped from its cage, jumped out of the cage condo and tunneled itself through the utility room barrier.

so not us cats' fault ok? hero hamster has it coming.


blue mistz said...

i love reading your blog! What a lovely family you have! ahahha...

The hamsters are really good at escaping. I did the same as you, put the hamster cages inside the cage condo, but i find that hamsters can squeeze through their cages! arggghhhh.... i totally freak out.

i used cellophane to block up the bottom of the kitty condo as well, so that even if they escape the cage, they are still in the condo. Hope that helps! All the best!

Merry christmas!

the letter b said...

Tooty - is there a possibility that Rosie was trying to return hero hamster to the cage condo?

i doubt Rosie - with all her saintliness and whatnot - would harm said hamster. unless..

animalfamily said...

no more hamster mishaps so far! yes, to be safe blue mistz, i think i will glad wrap the bottom of the cage condo. the hamsters are spending 3 weeks here, which is ample time for more accidents to happen.

Rosie may be a saint but when there's hamsters on the palette, it's free for all man!

Monkey said...

o m g....
ok... jaw wont close :|
what happen to rambo rabbeet???
slacking on the job! :P

mmmm im glad the hamster's alive
my old rickety hamster just died so all this hamstery business is still traumatic to me. originally crazily considered having a cat alongside my then hamster... at least now i know that cats like to hunt hamsters afterall. hehehe

I must say though both species are very slippery creatures.... they'll do something funny while u not looking! :P Either one breaks in or the other breaks out. ack.


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