Sunday, December 11, 2005

rambo rabbeet

in a dark corner of the utility room sits the solitary one.

but for all our feline bravado, it gnaws me to admit that not one of us has learnt to hold our own against that miserable miniature furball. there's no safety in numbers either. the woman likes to tell and retell this humiliating story about the first time Bobby visits the cantankerous one. up until then, Fruity and i had quite forgotten him really and Rosie didn't as yet know of his existence.

but when Bobby goes snooping beyond the utility room barrier, we just had to follow because cats are no spectators when it comes to sports.

5 minutes in the utility room, rambo rabbeet charges us from his barricade and 4 cats leap in unison out of the utility room. the woman fell off her chair laughing.

in our defence, he is not your ordinary garden variety easter bunny but Raging Rambo Rabbeet. he engineers his own barricade. when they first moved the misanthropic one to the utility room, the man and woman were floored when they saw their hokey homemade rabbit hutches turned into a combat ready battlement when they checked back an hour later.

but us cats being cats, we never can resist sneaking yet another peek at the mean old bastard. from a safe vantage. (Bobby never quite learns.)

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