Thursday, December 22, 2005

bye bye kitty

no name kitty goes home with a french family who will be in Singapore for the next 3 years. the man and woman deliberated about this but after meeting them feel that they make good adopters who will really love little kitty. They will bring him back to France with them when they leave. apparently, there is no quarantine for animals there which makes things easy.

so no name kitty is now a french cat soon to have a new fancy french name. Yves? Xarles? Montague? more sleeping on man's head.


the letter b said...

au revoir, petit monsieur! you will be sorely missed..

soulmining said...

Awwww... I'm happy Kitty has found a nice new family to take care of her.

Monkey said...

yet another local talent lost to globalization :P

hope he has a good life there

at least we are exporting foreign talents for a change :)

vegancat said...

That's wonderful news! She will be an ambassador for Singapore cats! Bringing cats across the oceans is made easier with the weight of the cat being included in the passenger's baggage allowance.


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