Monday, December 05, 2005

fitting in

some people have been enquiring about Suede but no one has come to view her yet.

probably a week ago, i would be glad to see her go. tiny wee thing as she is, she growls and hisses at all us felines if we are unfortunate enough to be in her path. the brat would expect that WE get out of the way instead of her. Rosie and i just look at her with amusement and carry on what we are doing. Bobby likes a challenge. Fruity runs.

and she is very good at monopolising the man and woman's time and laps. when they watch tv, she will be the first there for a snuggle and throws a fit if any of us try to muscle in. the man and woman also notice that they don't wake up to a bedful of cats anymore, just Suede.

after a few days, she quickly learns that no friends means no games and no fun. so gradually, she lets Bobby sleep next to her, then me (with half-hearted grunts). in no time at all, she is adding a whole new dimension to our high-speed chases and play fights.

she remains vocal and her play fights are always accompanied by a cacophony of squealing. the man says it is the first time he hears a cat cry wolf. she squeals like she is badly injured even before we make contact. one day, we will really give her something to squeal about...

the man and woman are real suckers and are melting in the face of Suede's antics. because she likes to be held and cuddled for long periods of time, they don't have to fight over Bobby anymore when they watch tv, one each for their laps.

"sorry, i am naughty"

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