Monday, December 19, 2005

tis the season to be jolly

lucky thirteen. woman's friend's hamster sitter backs out at the last minute and her family is leaving for the holidays tomorrow. thanks to him, we have six fat juicy hamsters spending Christmas and New Year with the animal family. deck the halls! fa la la!

of course, the woman is no fun and puts the three hamster cages in the cage condo under the high security guardianship of Rambo Rabbeet.

did you know?
* In Iceland there are thirteen rather than twelve days in the Yuletide season. This may have descended from the old days, when a new day began not at midnight but at 6pm.
* Some eastern european congregations, called "Old Calendarists," still use the Julian calendar and honor the birth of Christ thirteen days later, on January 7.
* In Provence, the traditional Christmas meal is called le gros souper (the big supper). It ends with a ritual number of thirteen desserts symbolizing Christ and his 12 apostles.

a brimming, kindred holiday season, everyone!

1 comment:

Monkey said...

ahhah considering how the cats tiptoe around rambo rabbeet... lol i think the hamsters will be safe this festive season!

i couldnt help but laugh out loud! lol thank god nobody was around


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