Friday, June 01, 2007

newborn kitten in distress!

not sure if she is doing it right but the woman is seen here feeding a newborn kitten found earlier in the night. it still has its umbilical cord attached.

the kitten was crying its lungs out amongst a pile of leaves and garbage in the drain. it had a bad smell of death there so we suspect it could be a lone survivor of the litter. the heavy afternoon rain couldn't have been kind.

after fishing it out of the drain though, the man and woman lost the nerve to feel for any possible others. they are on the look out for the mum (the drain is in direct view of our block).

the people at the 24hrs animal hospital were kind enough to spare some milk powder where none was available for sale. but the kitten has not stopped crying even after feeding, bowel movement, heat bottle and lamp and human touch. it's straight to the vet when they open tomorrow.

(update: the man did something right with his feeding and bowel relieving technique and little kitty is finally sound asleep. but it's all touch and go, we fear. we hope the kitten might get a better chance with a more experienced fosterer. drop us an email.

further update: kitty survived the night. phew!)


Anonymous said...

all the best for this kitten. Although i'd love to foster her till old enough to get adopted but I am in a tight schedule this month. Thanks for asking veron!

Anonymous said...

hi,is this for fostering only?

Anonymous said...

Hi is the new born kitten for adoption?email me at fergie_1995

Anonymous said...

they are so cute...eppp.


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