Friday, October 21, 2005

my turn

so the old girl has left us. sneaking a pee in her litter box is not half as fun now but there it still sits.

for a while there i have been quite convinced the chronicles of the dysfunctional animal family has come to an end. after all, it should be happily ever after for fruity and me, having finally come out from under the punitive regime of the grand old dame.

then a sequence of events has compelled me to pick up where she left off. and to understand some of her angst.

ordinarily, i would leave the heavy lifting to my apprentice. but on second thoughts, hello kitty here could make us all sound like sanriotown or sesame street characters. neither are acceptable. the old girl would turn.


Monkey said...

took me a while to realize who hello kitty is ;)
but then i tried to visualize a cute sweetie voice telling the story here and lol im really glad tooty's telling the story :D

i got to know about your blog from mrsbudak :) i really enjoy your neverending animal escapades... it seems almost unreal :) but having lived in a 40 cats household i can totally see how it all happens

animalfamily said...

yeah, its been a real rollercoaster ride. i guess as animal lovers, our eyes are just more open to the suffering of animals and can't help reacting to it. sometimes in a ridiculous overboard obsessive fashion! it's tough to accept that we can't save everybody, ya? kills me sometimes.


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