Tuesday, October 11, 2005

sickly me II

they come visit me the next day and i wish they didn't. i am exhausted, stressed and scared shitless.

apparently, my kidneys have completely collapsed, causing major toxin build-up in the body, infecting the lungs. this news distresses the man and woman greatly. the best the vets can do is to pump me with antibiotics and drip me to rehydrate the kidneys, hopefully to flush the toxins and bring my kidney values back down closer to normal.

the woman gets more and more upset as i continue to huddle at the back of the cage unresponsive. it doesn't help that a couple of cage doors down, a family is saying their final goodbyes to a goner cat. the whole room rings with silent prayers and misery.

the day vet drops in. full results are still out until they complete the in-hospital treatment. but with my kidneys gone, the man and woman are very likely looking at a lifelong commitment to drip me daily.

they have concerns about whether this may be artificially prolonging my life and cause me more suffering but the vet reassures otherwise. there is no doubt that the man and woman will do it but it weighs on them whether they are doing it for me or for them.

the following day, the woman visits me again. i am snoozing but hop up with a squeak when i hear her. i miss her and her fawnings and get a big dose of it. I would also have gladly escaped the cage if she hasn't stopped me. i forget i am still attached to the drip.

the vet comes round again and has good news. my kidney levels have dropped. i even ate today. this reaffirms the woman's convictions to help me live with the drip.

the woman's mood is also lightened when little puppy lounging just inside of the grill in the top cage pees and it drips down directly onto my head. glad she thinks it is so funny. she informs the orderly to watch the problem and cleans me up.

i sulk when i realise the woman isn't there to take me home and leaves without me. hopefully my tests tomorrow prove positive and i can get out of this depressing place.


moglee said...

Dear Maneki

I discovered your blog 3 weeks ago and visited daily. You have never failed to tickle me everytime I read your 'frustrations'. Please rest well and will pray for you to recover. You still have a lot of years ahead of you. Be strong!

Can you take a picture of your mouth open next time? I want to see your 1 tooth.

mrs budak said...

Oh, Maneki please get well! Don't give up!

soulmining said...

Poor Maneki, I hope you will be well enough to go home tomorrow, you look so sad in that cage. Get well soon!

animalfamily said...

thank you to all of you who prayed for maneki. she will be happy to know that she was so loved when she was with us.


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