Monday, October 31, 2005

all kittens adopted!

Rice, Suede, White Gold, Grey, Bronze and Bonnet have all gone to their new homes, which is great because the woman's management of everyone's feeding and cleaning times has left a lot to be desired.

for a moment there, was afraid we might have to keep Bonnet too as the girl who reserved her had to renege because of parental objection. they already have cats in the house and didn't want another one. the woman is glad however, that the family sorted that out before she took Bonnet back with her. so it seems it might be good practice to get adopters below 21(?) and still living at home to have their parents co-sign the adoption contract...

i haven't seen a more timid and human-shy kitten as little Bonnet, probably why most of the others were adopted first. then again, she has suffered quite a lot of trauma in the past 2 weeks. the car incident and then having to see her companions leave one after the other until she was the only one left in the cage condo. the woman tries her sling trick on Bonnet to get her used to human contact. it works! after sleeping soundly against her chest for about half a day, Bonnet starts to play her animal games with her, lick her fingers and curl belly up on her lap.

thank goodness someone adopted her before the woman got too attached, again. bye bye, little Bonnet.

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mrs budak said...

Bonnet is so sweet! I'm glad that she went to a new home and hope that she enjoyed her stay with you, Tooty!


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