Thursday, June 28, 2007

the poor man's jungle gym

Calico, Tortie, Tuxedo up for adoption

they have had a precarious start to life but our 3 kittens never let it hold them back from having the time of their lives for one second. we hope they will find love with a family who will take them as they are, a little flawed but all perfection when it comes to showering love on the one who will love them back.

interested adopters, drop us an email.

(update: Tortie has been adopted.)

no one ever reads the instruction manual

you are supposed to sit on it, do-dos.

and Bak Bak, that's not how you shower love on teddy...

Monday, June 25, 2007

wild about earl

you know the kind of girl always stiffed with the responsibility of picking up after everyone just because she is the oldest? well, that's me. i take my job seriously. i make them lick up their own stinking spills. my name is Rosie.

you know the kind of girl that gets by on the back of the queenest bee in town? that's me. call me pawlick, sidekick, genius... move it, i just called dibs on that sun spot, honey. my name is Tooty.

i may look like the hell angel's spawn but i am really the guy that bawled when Kenny with his newfound confidence was rescued from the trunk of his le car and whisked off for a romantic picnic in the wine country by his burly car-mechanic rescuer. my name is Bak Bak.

i stand out from this motley crowd and that makes the rest kind of jealous. it's really not my fault i am born big round and bring purrsexy back. i feel bad for them you know? just a little. Take em' to the bridge. (Go 'head be gone with it). my name is Fruity.

we itch and we scratch to leap wide and jump high. wood, grill, glass and flesh are all equal in this urban terrain. we are butch and sundance, starsky and hutch, rodgers & hammerstein. you best call us Blackie and Chaplin.

Rosie, Tooty, Suede and Blackie take karma out for a spin.

Friday, June 22, 2007

out on good behaviour

kittens are finally let out to meet the family. we are so used by now to these occasional alien home invasions the man and woman don't much worry. but they have their eye on Bak Bak who may still be under the impression that these are new toys...

they will get their recreation time everyday from now on. so more kitten adventures ahead!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

could we have done better?

the kittens have fully recovered. one eye on calico however, did not heal well and is partially obscured by the third eye lid. she hops and plays, confident in her cuteness, without noticing. would a potential adopter? so sorry little darling... :(

Friday, June 15, 2007

big boys club

just when the woman is lying on her side with her head propped on one hand, huffing and puffing about another Bak Bak turd soccer practice, he comes sliding through the cosy nook between her elbow and ear to brush her on the cheek. is that how to get out of detention? you bet!

from the same bag of tricks, he pulls this one to thaw Papa's initial subzero welcome:

establish casual camaraderie ->

take a little risk ->


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smally a hit on YouTube!

honors and 5-star rating? who knew? in the world of web videos, Smally overtook kittens in popularity by a mile.

Friday, June 08, 2007

aren't they cute? please adopt!

Candy (white chest) has been adopted!

Chocolate (darker-brown) has been adopted!

Cocoa (husky-brown) has been adopted!

these tabby siblings are with a friend and ready for adoption. look at those eyes, calico will be so jealous... they are 4 weeks old, still on KRM feed by syringe but can be weaned soon.

interested adopters, drop us an email.

that's why the woman cannot be a doc or vet

because calico's eyes are so bad, the vet had to cut away some of the tissue that is growing over the eyes. the woman almost passed out. she is furiously applying the terramycin as much because she doesn't want to sit through one of those sessions again. the next vet check is due, for calico's sake and the woman's, i hope the eyes are on the road to snip-free recovery.

Bak Bak! this is one no-hygiene cat. he is so curious about the kittens in the utility room he is staking out the door in Leafty's pan and comes out reeking of rabbit piss. stupid cat!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

sometimes in our moment of weakness

... and selfishness, i wish it's just family, all peace and all quiet.

with the kittens now, the woman is on a strict 2-hour medicine regiment to save their eyes, calico's especially, from a severe case of conjunctivitis. when the tissue closes, that will be it, a sightless kitten.

Monday, June 04, 2007

kittens play

you can see the frightful eyes of calico. but her appetite gains in leaps and she is not sitting out any kitty action so things are looking up!

playing favourites

no fair, the woman has become completely enamoured by big-jawed panther-impersonator, Bak Bak. she says he is a piece of the wild. yep, that does nothing but play with poo (still at it) and snuggle under blankets.


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