Sunday, November 19, 2006

last in first out

man picked Tigger up from the nearby kopitiam. she was jumping on people's laps and getting a smacking for it. good for her she found the man's lap and got to join the animal family for a day. we had several potential adopters for a full tigger striped kitty so off she has gone for a home trial today. we hope you like it there!

in the meantime, Blackie, Chaplin and the Paws make themselves even more at home...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

we're still here!

thanks peoples for still visiting even though we over at the animal family have been very disorganised lately and can't quite get anything worthwhile done including updating this blog.

everyone's well, including Blackie, the Paws and Chaplin... who are still here! there were a few interested parties but they ended up picking other kitties on the adoption pages over the little rascals.

but life goes on in the animal family, one kindred day at a time.


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