Tuesday, July 22, 2008

animal family mugshots

HEADLINE: Constable Tooty Cleans Up The Family

suede - CAUGHT! gave false information to get $1m reward for capture of puss selamat "thorry lar thir, i thot i thaw a limp."

rosie - CAUGHT! forgery and abuse of animal family funds
"sir, i swear, not for personal gain."

chaplin a.k.a. chappy chap - CAUGHT! brokering kidney between downstairs stray cat and upstairs fat cat
"one want to buy, one want to sell, i only want to help."

calico - CAUGHT! stealing squirt bottle from utility camp
"i was confused."

Crime Boss Still At Large!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

modern day cowboy

the man and woman was introduced to a professional cat catcher recently who does work exclusively for TNRM. in less than an hour, he solved the problem of our wily carpark cats who have been eluding the woman's traps for months. with lightning speed, he has them in the cages before they even knew what hit them. for our particularly gangster-like white alpha cat, he used a net. with the feeder calming the cat, he took his time to case the periphery as the cat is lulled into complacency. in one blink-and-you-miss-it action, the cat was in the net and quickly transfered into the cage. *applause*

the woman can really use a lesson in this. the quick actions of the cat catcher minimises the trauma of being caught to the cat and they can quickly calm down in the safe darkness of the cage. it's more than a skill, it's a talent to have that kind of hand eye coordination and dexterity. if only we knew about Vincent earlier!

with far less style, the woman performed a stunt of her own this morning. as she left the house, chaplin made a dash for it and ended up on the locked 2nd floor landing where he froze with fear. after running around like a headless chicken for about 10 mins, the woman decided to climb onto the landing from the lift lobby. to get there, she had to lever off a railing onto a narrow decorative wall where she slid like a snake until she connected with the landing. there chaplin hardly protested as she passed him along to the man and safely back home. it will be sometime before chaplin lets his curiosity get the better of him, we think!

so far, vincent has been down twice and we had 5 carpark cats, white gansta and ginger tom snipped. 2 more coming of age cats to go...

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