Friday, September 16, 2005

a family that plays together sticks together

fast friends. the kittens are now more or less free to roam in the main areas of the flat but they often visit their good friend Leafty in the utility room, to play and sometimes to curl up together to sleep. the woman prepares to move them all out of the utility room permanently to live with us. i can't wait.

after the chicken wires have gone up, the woman and man are having it good. fresh(er) air and retired whoudini felines. i continue my protest against captivity by constant caterwauling. unless the woman sits me on her lap for a good backrub.

after the next great migration, rabbeet will have the utility room all to himself. he is in the cage condo now and unlike any of the other animals in the house, absolutely enjoys it in there going about his own business. until the kittens start using his cage condo as a jungle gym. so he will be happy to get those pesky twits out of his fur soon. and into mine.

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