Thursday, September 01, 2005

don't support the pet trade

lana has hernia and the vet says it is very common among pedigrees. the man's friend asks the breeder to pay for the surgery but is rejected and lana is returned to the breeder.

as a stray, i have my own bitter reasons for being against the pet trade. but this gives me a couple more. firstly, it cannot be a good thing to force genetics in the way a breeder does to produce a required aesthetic and temperament in an animal. many of these pure breeds have little genetic resilience and get sick at a drop of a hat.

secondly, i wonder what they do with pups that cannot be sold because they are not cute enough, they stay too long on the shelf and get too old, or worse, have some major defect. it is dangerous when an animal becomes a commodity because they get treated like one.

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