Monday, September 19, 2005

does the woman look like this?

there is an action figure in the stores called Crazy Cat Lady. has this to say: It starts innocently enough... You find a little kitten on your doorstep and "rescue" it. Then, somehow, another cat comes along, and you take that one in, too. Then another. And another. Before long, you look in the mirror and... OH MY GOD!!! You're a Crazy Cat Lady!!!!

and this is what she looks like.

here's how the woman did on the Crazy Cat Lady test
(7 or more means oh oh, you are a CCL):
Do you get excited when you hear a can opener? NO
Do you think cats are smarter than people? NO
Do you feel Tom is more talented than Jerry? YES
Do you have more cats than ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends? YES
Do you bring new (boy/girl)friends home so the cats can meet them? YES
Do you later break up with them because the cats weren't impressed? NO
Do you spend more on doctor bills for your cats than for yourself? YES
Do you buy the ice cream your cats prefer instead the kind you like? NO
Can you tell your cats apart by the roughness of their tongues? NO
Have you ever warned a guest not to sit on a specific piece of furniture because it belongs to the cats? YES
Do you own more than one piece of clothing with a cat on it? YES
Do you have a website devoted to your cats? YES
Do you spend more on Christmas presents for your cat than for your family? NO
Do you buy more than one kind of cat food because a few of your cats are picky eaters? NO
Have you ever had to explain to a police officer that the stuff in the bag really is catnip? NO
Do you feel that the ancient Egyptian tradition of cat worship is the one true religion? NO
Is the sheet of instructions for watching your cats while you're on vacation longer than a page? NO

oh oh, the woman is a CCL.

thanks to catwelfare for pointing the doll out.


soulmining said...

That is the funniest action figure I've seen... gotta post a pic of that on my blog! She could become a new Superhero with her own movie... The Adventures of Crazy Cat Lady!

animalfamily said...

yes! since i passed the test, i should be cast as the leading lady and become FAMOUS!!


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