Wednesday, September 28, 2005

more amorous behaviour

the woman concusses after a full day at work and is happy to see this pic when she wakes up. she finds it more rewarding than getting paid. maybe that's why we are going broke.


Mary said...

i wish my bunny and feline were physically friendly with each other like yours. They departed 6 months apart, it tore my heart and left me grieving as if it was the end of the world, until i dreamt of a little boy and girl at a beautiful, white place which i shall call 'heaven'.

animalfamily said...

oh my, it must have been so heartbreaking to lose one of your animal frens, let alone two. i can cry just thinking about losing any of mine. but i am telling myself when the time comes and they have to go, it is nature telling us there are more animals out there that deserves our care and attention. take care, mary.


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