Saturday, September 03, 2005

Tooty on her own Animal Planet

she may not be as photogenic, fuzzy or 'demure', but Tooty is a true star. since a month old, she learns to circumvent the man and woman's attempts to keep her in the utility room as fast as they can think it up. sometimes by negotiating a very complex leverage strategy to get over the ever rising barrier.

when she is out, she watches my every move carefully and quickly follows my example, among other things, on how to escape to the great outdoors through a shut lourved window. she does not have the power in her limbs yet to bend aluminium like i can but she is close, give her a few more weeks. but this is just the cat-in-her talking.

she understands punishment. Tooty anticipates jail time by going into hiding. when she is let out again on good behaviour, she rubs herself profusely on the man or woman's leg, flops on the ground and meows to ask for a sympathy rub. Fruity doesn't even know she is being punished. but still this is the cat-in-her talking.

the thing that amazes the man and woman is Tooty's human-like intuition about others. when Leafty gets lonely on his own and starts nudging the barrier, Tooty jumps in to pet it on the head. when Fruity has trouble getting over the barrier, she gives her a push from behind to help her along. she licks Fruity's hard to reach places for her when she is banged up after the fall.

a naughty, impossible kitten torn between instints and need for attachment should have her own tv show. at home, she already is a much sought after substitute for cable (which the man and woman doesn't have).

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