Saturday, April 08, 2006

nutty human dream

the woman's friend had a strange dream. she dreamt she stole the woman's keys, broke into our apartment and nabbed the lot of us. cats, yes. but when she got us back to her apartment, we started to tear the place apart and scratch her to the point when she had to call the woman to confess what she did and beg for the woman to come collect us back.

and this is a friend who is positively scared of cats and woke up drenched in sweat from the trauma of it all. so, pretty inexplicable why she would want to steal us in the first place.

Notes from a Dreamer says "Cats mean many things to many people including, femininity, intuition, magic and sexuality. Your personal feelings about cats are the key to deciphering their meaning in your dreams. Do you think of them as finicky, as friends or in the context of black magic and witchcraft. And then understand that the cat is representing that aspect of yourself (which you will probably deny)". hmm...

maybe the woman should send one of us over as therapy. i volunteer and promise to not tear or scratch if the friend takes me to Belgium with her when her MBA term starts. i will surely make a great travelling companion. "Een pintje, alstublieft?" gets you everywhere.

Pavarotti pulls sleighs in lapland in his dream.

(Cartoon from Nearing Zero)

1 comment:

onekell said...

Heh you already heard my quack interpretation: that it's an imaginative expresion of her subconscious desire to not fear cats.


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