Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bobby's harem

it's amazing how even though Fruity and i stand half a head taller than Bobby, not to mention Rosie, we still pay him deference just for being male.

when he wants a toy, we stand aside. when he wants the last morsel on the dish, he gets it.

there are a lot of theories about how females are taught from young to associate 'to love' with 'to serve', why our responses are rooted in relatedness more than principles, that even the strongest female can have the desire to want to be swept away by masculine energy.

quite frankly, they are all true. i consider myself a strong, (highly) intelligent, independent, self-respecting lass, but who can resist that daffy masculine face? seriously.


Cairo The Boxer said...

Wow you all look so comfortable. I want to just lounge with you.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

But isn't that so like cats? Like a mirror image of a lions pride :)

Besides, all the crafty kitties are female anyways. lol.


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