Wednesday, April 19, 2006

new friends

cuteness moves to Jurong. meet Raissa and Mia. congrats on getting your long awaited new apartment. i see you will have lots of boxes to play with for a while.


CatDonna & Cats said...

Me like happy endings. :)

I'm catching up with the blogs and, referring to your entry a couple day back about anticipating the great unknown, I understand how you feel. Mainly because I'm in a similar situation right now in my career. So many uncertainties and out there, the great unknown.

Reading your blog, you've always struck me as a woman who knows her own mind, a person of strength, compassion and integrity. I'm confident that whatever happens, you're gonna be ok. You have my support. Take care.

Unknown said...

New friends cool!! =^^=

animalfamily said...

thanks catdonna. about knowing my own mind, yes, maybe a little too well. do you get the feeling that if you don't blog, your conversations in the real world will come out as one self-confessional over-analytical soliloquy after another? i think my friends are glad i blog.

bL@cKc0ug@r said...

The first pussy cat looks like Slyester in the cartoon TWEETY BIRD! So CuTEeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

"I taw a Putty Tat"


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