Saturday, April 01, 2006

pavarotti warms up considerably

the woman closely watches our changing dynamics as we adjust to her not being home as much as before. The five animal family resident cats have taken to the new situation pretty well without changing our daily routine. surprisingly, Pavarotti is now more willing to interact with us now that there is no human to compete for.

he certainly looks a whole lot more comfortable here now.

actually, i lie when i said that us residents have taken to our new situation without change because in one particular respect, we have started to become a complete nuisance. and to the most unlikely resident, Leafty.

now that the woman is no longer around to disturb whenever we want, Suede and I have diverted our extra energy to Leafty by spending a lot more time chasing him around the house. he used to like that and even reciprocates but obviously we crossed some tolerance threshold during the week and he has started to stamp his paw everytime we come near.

the woman is anguished that things have affected Leafty so bad. what happened to our gregarious cat-loving rabbit?

he now demands his own space which poses a real problem to the woman. just where can she carve out a space for Leafty that saves him not only from Rambo Rabbeet but now us?


Anonymous said...

ah, so your mummy/the woman has not lost her midas touch then, eh Toots :) good to hear that all of you have made some progress, and that certainly warms the cockles of my heart.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Sounds like Leafty gots too much of a good fing. Can she make a doorway only he can fit thru? Maybe he needs a burrow to escape to. Diva Kitty's Mom knows lots bout buns - maybe she'd haf a suggestion?

animalfamily said...

thanks i'll be sure to check out divakitty. Leafty has a few places he goes to for respite but they are not big enough for his food to go in so yeah, a burrow with just the right sized door might just do the trick.


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