Tuesday, March 28, 2006

going nowhere fast

the woman has spent years running from normal. there's no running now that she will return to the corporate world of project meetings, progress reports and high heels tomorrow.

the house has been cleaned, wardrobe reorganised, ironing done, we have all been bathed and so she is ready to go. physically. mentally, she is still stuck in the world of furball on keyboard and pyjamas till 3, both of which she is going to miss like hell unless the company she is joining makes some serious changes to their hr policies.

and then it still wouldn't be enough.

she doesn't have a new wardrobe, just dusted off the old one because she doesn't know how long she will hold out there and because she doesn't want to play that retail for esteem game anymore. is this how women progress from sassy to 'auntie'? one day they look in the mirror and say "screw it". there's just other priorities now. and Tooty her personal trainer (dons spandex) says, there are far cheaper and more long term ways to looking decent, ladies. exercise, exfoliate and smile (keep telling yourself that).

but that fashion bubble has, for the woman, burst irreversibly. along with the gadget, luxury and spa bubbles. what consumes her now are music, books, food craves and us. and the next great game plan to escape normal.

but you can't reenter the real world without it changing you. no doubt the intensive work scope is going to devour her in the months ahead so who knows what's going to happen. last night, we had Cookie over so the woman can take her to the vet for sterilisation this morning. Bobby got jealous that Cookie slept on her pillow and peed on the bed again. we dread the day when these accidents becomes nothing more than a distasteful chore on a long to-do list. and her first reaction is not to run to Bobby to give him a hug for feeling neglected.


kuro.shiro.neko said...

good luck in the real, hard world! ^-^

san said...

Wow..your cats would miss you for sure. Good luck with the job.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Mom says the real world might not be so bad as long as you have the animals to come home to. And if you're afraid of loosing your unique craziness, just tell people you blog about your pets! All us pet bloggers are nuts - so what?


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